WTS: Big pedal clearance sales

The Renaissance

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Hi Guys,

Im selling off everything i have collected over the years:

Voodoo Lab HEX switcher: $350
SM Pro TC-02 (Compressor / Preamp): $100
EHX Nano Bass Big Muff: $80
EHX Big Muff (90s Black Russian): $200
Boss OC-2 Octaver (MIJ 80s): $200
Boss CE-2B: $160
Joyo AC Tone: $50
On stage Pedal Tuner: $30
EHX Micro Qtron (Spoilt): $10
PT Jr softcase (Bag Only): $35
TC Flashback Mini: $100
Dunlop Volume Pedal: $110
Soundblox Pro Bass Envelope Filter: $175

Prices non-negotiable, -$300 = $1300 if taking all
PM me if there is anything you are interested
For the sake of anyone getting the full set, ill start replying single piece offers tomorrow

Thanks for reading!