WTS: Bass Pedalboard ($430)


New member
selling away my beloved minimalistic pedalboard. included are the following:

1) mxr bass di plus preamp
cosmetic: 10/10, electronic: 10/10, velcroed

2) tc electronic spectracomp
cosmetic: 10/10, electronic: 10/10, velcroed

3) korg pitchblack custom pedal tuner
cosmetic: 8/10, working: 10/10, velcroed

4) 3x flat head patch cables

5) 5 way daisy chain

6) pedaltrain nano pedalboard
cosmetic 10/10, velcroed

7) mono tick 2.0
cosmetic: 10/10, working: 10/10

i am the first owner of the items above, thus really care for my pedals and even istruments. in all honesty, the pedals is rarely used. nowadays seems to prefer direct input to amp.

selling these and basses/guitars too to fund for baby's necessities. meet my asking price and il throw in a special, wootssss

Pix and queries can reach me at 87498281. Thx for viewing.