Wts analog delay and chorus pedal cheap!


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I hate myself for this but its already done. Just bought a delay and chorus pedal.... Just to buy again a 2 in 1 Delay & Chorus pedal from another Softie. So im selling Cheap as i dont need it..

Condition of Pedal: Very Mint, All working 100%, comes with Box and Manual.

1. Time Capsule Pedal by Pedaltank (Echo delay)- $80 (RRP $150)
Boutique pedal, Analog delay, warm sound, easy controls, complete bypass delays up to 40ms - 600MS. (to be honest i like this pedal)

2. Boss CE-5 Chorus Pedal - $80 (RRP $125)
I have note really played on this. So i cant say anything, but its Boss so i dont need to describe it.

Buy Both for $150. SMS only 97287951. Self Collect Sengkang or City Area at Working days