wts almost complete jackson jdr-94 project guitar


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have 9/10(players condition) jackson jdr-94 guitar for sale.


24 fret jackson reversed headstock
dimarzio paf pro neck(white)
no single coil(i think it looks cooler without it)
dimarzio fred bridge(white)
jackson low profile jt580 double locking tremelo unit with tremel-no(can be converted to fixed bridge)
5 way switch, 1 volume knob(skull and bones motif) and 1 killswitch (electronics are all done up so no work needed)

you only have to get your own machine heads, find two screws for the electronics cavity cover(theres one already on) and solder on the grounding wire to the spring claw and you're good to go. pics on request. contact at 90931098. no bag, just guitar. will deliver to your doorstep.

Asking price : 750sgd(lowballers will not be entertained). no trades as im clearing stock to cutdown on the collection.:)