WTS a bunch of boutique pedals


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Hi all, am clearing out enough pedals to make a boutique mini board hahah. All pedals are in extremely good condition (feel free to ask for pictures) and in perfect working condition.

All come with box and velcro underneath.

1. Diamond Comp Jr
This comes in the RGS Black and White finish.

2. JHS Morning Glory
This also comes in the RGS Pearl and Gold finish.

3. Ramble FX Marvel Drive
A highly rated MIAB, plexi-styled dirt box!

4. Source Audio Nemesis Delay

5. Fox Pedals Magnifica v1 Reverb
Based off a modulated spring reverb. Easily one of the best sounding and looking reverbs at this price point.

Please contact me at 96510605 for any pictures or additional information. Trades only with a JHS Superbolt V2 at this time. Prices negotiable if you buy more than one of course :)

Cheers all!