SOLD WTS 5 String Bass

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I have a Atkinson Custom Jazz bass going for $1900.

Ever wanted a custom J bass with a nitrocellulose paint job? This is it!

Maple fingerboard
Swamp ash body with 3 tone sunburst
Nordstrand NJ5FS
Audere preamp Jz3
Hipshot tunning pegs

Made by reknown craftsman, Dan Atkinson. The bass is one year old and no hard case available.

Website of the crafter Dan Atkinson:

He no longer makes 5 string basses and about half a year ago, raised his prices. Quotation for a 4 string of the same specifications as mine is up to ~2.4k SGD (1.9k USD) inclusive of shipping fee. He takes roughly 12 weeks to get the bass into your hands. Quotation is as of 25 Apr 2012.

If you wanna try it out first no problem, I live in hougang.

Reason as to why I'm selling them, is cause I have one too many basses.
Contact me at 9-128-6235.

Contact for pictures.

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