WTS 2010 USA Ernie Ball Musicman Sterling Classic Bass Guitar


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Up for sale is a beauty of a bass
Pristine condition for a 10 year-old bass, previous seller did not play it much.
Action was a little high at first and the strings were old. So i brought it to Goose from GworX who gave it a good set-up, levelled the frets and oiled the screws for the foam mutes.
Brand new D'dario strings as well.

Sounds and plays like a dream, I myself prefer the sterling sound to the stingrays.

The only reason i'm selling this is because
1) I have too many basses
2) because i bought another one


Open to offers, might consider some trades but really looking to sell

Very open to letting you come down to try the bass at my place
Pls don't hesitate to contact me @ nine one 5 zer0 4 z3r0 nin3 5
Or u can look this bass up on carousell as well


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