WTS 2006 Gibson Firebird Fully Upgraded


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WTS: Gibson USA 2006 Firebird V for sale fully upgraded $1800 neg

Guitar has been played and gigged a fair amount, so there are some small scratches and nicks, but I take care of my stuff,its really minimal – check out the pics. Whatsapp me at 82883504 for more pics if you want.

Its an original 2006 USA made Gibson neck thru firebird V, with all the original spec, except for the changes below:

Lollar Firebird Mini-Humbuckers. $500 Original Gibson mini-hums included in purchase
Steinberger gearless tuners. $140
Orange drop caps. $10
CTS push-pull pot installed for 'both pickups out of phase Peter Green/Gary Moore sound'. $15
Original Corian nut removed and real bone nut cut and installed by Malcolm $70
Changed to Gotoh Aluminium tailpiece for extra brightness and bite. $30
Custom cut Black (B/W/B 3-ply) scratchplate/pickguard. $60 Original white firebird logo scratchplate included in purchase
Changed to Dunlop nickel strap-locks $20
Changed all screws to stainless steel so they'll never rust. $10
Just set up by Clement at G77+ $60.
That’s $800+ worth of upgrades on this guitar

Comes with original Gibson hardcase, unlike the new ones which only come with gig bag
I will throw in a Red Dot Bass case that's in really great condition that I use to bring this guitar around because firebirds don't fit in regular gtr cases and it’s a BITCH to find a softcase/gigbag for a firebird. Bought it new for $120.

$1800 neg. I am willing to neg to a reasonable degree, but please check out the spec again and see that you are getting a WHOLE LOT OF UPGRADES for a very reasonable price. Lowballers please don't even bother...

Please don't PM, whatsapp me at 82883504 or sms and you'll get a reply ASAP.






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Forgot to add - bridge saddles changed to Graphtech String Savers around $40+ so I never have strings snapping during gigs or rehearsals, ever.

Selling because I lost my job and I need the cash.

Heres a pic of the innards: