WTS: 1Guitar+14Pedals+1PT3 ALL must go @ great/best prices


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Hi all,
Below items are up for sale to fund for an upright piano.
Condition of items are ALL 9-9.5/10 except phase 90 8/10 (my oldest pedal). pic of everything is below.

Ibanez Universe UV777BK $1700 (you can search my older posts for pics)
MXR Phase90 $50 (no box, w/R28+C11+C12 mod)
Mojo Hand FX Rook Royale $220
Greyscale Devices Mini Fuzz $100
Earthquaker depths $190
MXR Noise Clamp $70
Boss PS-6 $160
Morley Mini Wah Volume $70
Mooer Yellow comp $70
Artec GEQ $60
EHX stereo memory man w.hazarai $160
Subdecay Prometheus (not DLX) $180
Boss LS-2 $60 (2 available)
Malekko 616 $130
Pedaltrain 3 (w/softcase, unmounted brackets) $180 or trade with a metro 16+$50

SMS/WhatsApp 9 zero 8 eight 5 6 seven 7
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