WTB Acoustic $500 or Under


New member
Hello all, I myself am not too new to this forum, have bought and sold a few guitars myself here. Today I am looking for a guitar for a friend of mine, who is not exceptionally well off, but has a budget of $500 to get his dream guitar. He’s been playing on a no-brand classical guitar for quite a while, and decided that it’s time for him to upgrade. Thus, I hope the amazing people of soft can help him! For the price, I recommended him the Taylor GS Mini used, as it’s a pretty good travel guitar, and I have seen some around that price about a year ago when I was selling my own GS Mini. If you have any of those, or other great guitars you no longer play, do consider letting them go to us!

You can contact me at 8149 9409, and I will forward the message over to him!

Thank you all for reading and stay safe amongst this covid virus