Worth getting a new guitar?


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i want to learn guitar and i've got a very old yamaha classical guitar(g225) which was previously owned by my dad. except for a very harsh scratch on the top and numerous minor scratches all over the body, the guitar seems to play perfectly fine.

i've attached some pictures so please judge if the guitar is still playable.

also, does anyone has suggestion to mend the nick on the top. isnt really pleasing to look at.
i've checked online and it says that the top is spruce-made. im guessing it is laminated since it didnt really state if it is solid or otherwise. i think having them repaired in shops are not worth due to the high price.

im very much the beginner and have got no prior knowledge in music nor guitar, is it better for me to start out with a new acoustic or carry on with the guitar i have? in case of the former, what do you recommend (dont really have a budget in mind)?

btw, can anyone recommend me a guitar pick? im leaning toward the c-pop genre. got myself a tuner already so im pretty much ready to learn the trade. :)

pics: http://www.flickr.com/photos/55081018@N03/?saved=1

thank you.
i think there arent.

could you help me check if the neck is bent? (from the pics)
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im not sure what tuners are but if you are referring to those pegs, i think they are original. a bit of yellowing here and there. am i right to say that the guitar is still playable? did some googling and found that the guitar was made in the late 70s. kinda a relic eh?

oh yeah, when i tried to play chord, i get some high pitch sound sometimes. did it happen due to my poor technique or is there something wrong with the guitar.
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pick preference is independent of the music genre, stick to whichever gets you through most comfotably. i'd say pay more attention to the thickness & pick material. for your needs, you'd do well to check out, at most, medium grade picks- neither thick nor flimsy, just right. however, i don't recall enjoying the tones of picked nylon strings- if that's what in your depicted yamaha...
Bring it down to a store. pictures can only do so much and looking at pictures cannot fully determine what the actual problem is without trying out the guitar. there might be uneven frets here and there we cannot tell for sure. we are just taking random stabs in the dark here. it looks fine as it is but it's best to bring it for some general servicing just to be on the safe side.
Since your into contemporary music, i recommend you should get an acoustic guitar as you would need to strum and pluck. Classical guitars are meant for fingerstyle kinda things not really suitable for strumming.
as shredaddict said, bring it down to a store and stick to it if the repair/setup (if necessary) costs dont exceed your budget. do note that a basic setup (string height adjustment, fretboard conditioning etc etc) will probably cause you around 50 dollars. it will be better if you go down with a friend whos familiar with guitars. if not, dont be shy to ask the shops about your guitar.
imo, since you are just starting out, theres no need to get a new guitar if you already have a playable one on hand. practice on your classical, playing on the wider and fatter neck will benefit you in the long run. the softer strings will also be easier on your fingers.
i think having them repaired in shops are not worth due to the high price.

Most people send their guitars down for repair and are willing to pay that kind of price because they know that they cannot solve the problem within their means. If I have frets that are popping out, I can't solve that issue with my 2 hands. These repairs require special tools which are really expensive.

Also do not forget that these guys are experienced and know what they are doing. A famous line from WWE: "Don't try this at home". To be honest, I've screwed up a fair share of my guitars back then and ended up paying more money than I've initially expected.
Hey all. Thanks for the replies. I think for now, i will stick to it first to learn the basic. I have checked the frets and most of em are still tightly intact.

I do agree that getting an acoustic will make learning easier as compared to the one i have which has high action, but i think i will have to spend a lot more to get a tone on par or better than my current one. I think mine sounds pretty decent and i am not quite ready to pour in a considerable amount considering i am still new to the instrument. If not, do you have any recommendation of 1 which is cheap and sounds good. Budget of around 200.

Oh yea, is it possible to convert my classical to acoustic by changing the nylon to steel?