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Considered a boutique pedal power supply and a a/b,loop pedal from taiwan, seem quite nicely made. The 10 outputs 9vdc power supply at about $147sgd and the a/b,loop pedal at about $162sgd.

The site is all in mandarin btw, those old school type :D


its abit funny how they mount the 9VDC jacks on the power brick, makes them protruded and all... dont' think the thread is meant to be seen actually.

and check out the finger on the W-izard !

actually a few weeks back.. a korean company emailed me to distribute their stuff.. they cloned a pedal power 2 n r selling it cheaper but they have jus started out so hmm.. there's a certain amount of risk..
and it's like slightly cheaper but i guess for that little difference, maybe $50.. most might just go for voodoolab one.. there's more resale value anyway..

anybody interested can tell me loh.. i'll see what i can do..

IMHO, The voodoolab pedal power is actually quite a versatile one. Could be hard for other company to have a clone and be alot cheaper. Think better to stick with VL if got a lot of pedals or if not, one spot will do fine, aint it :lol:

Haha, from taiwan to korea. The mik stompboxes, moollon pedals. Really classy looking imho.




WAH?!?!.. power siah.. cannot believe my eyes.. really damn nice.. a pity there's no sound sample to listen... if they'r as good as they look, i'll bring them in.. haha..
That a nice metal job.

Goes well with those Zemaitas guitars.

Anyway, if I had the talent to do metalwork like that and maybe some skill with effects circuit, I'd launch them out of a shell company in US. They'd be labelled "Made In USA", and I'd charge a premium and get rich. :D
actually i think a power supply is in the end a power supply.... a well regulated one that spits out maybe 500mA or 1000mA would suffice. Of course if it has different outputs of 12vac or 18vdc then it'll be great, but in the end theres nothering really magical about power supplies...

hmm but there *mightbe* some effects are said so sound better with a dying battery..... think there are power supplies that emulate this !

besides this, the pedals look great man...... looks like the gfx has been etched on or something........(though i dont' think so)
yeh the pedal power 2 emulates the dying battery sound.. think it's the only one that can do that.. amazing.. the OBG korean company said they can do it too.. donno true or not.. haha..

damn it.. i cannot stop looking at the korean pedals.. shit.. i think i might just ask them for sound samples n pricings.. shit!!.. GAS is taking control over me.. haha..