Which Jazz Bass??

Which Jazz bass??

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ok, i'm not a true-blue bassist, but i'll go for the J-bass. the marcus miller signature is made to his specs. some might not appreciate the controls/tone of the bass. well, maybe u do...

but the block inlays and the p/up cover/shield is soooo... appealing!
i think the '62 looks better. IMO . yeah , i agree that the marcus miller was probably made to his specs, and that you might not appreciate the controls/ tone etc etc. the '62 jazz bass should be more versatile, i guess 8)
It depends on your style no? I thought the MM was more for the slap player, whereas the '62 is just... well, it's just the '62 :)

personally, i've never found the jazz bass to my liking. i tried a few, but found the volume too weak and not cutting thru. The tone however, feels like its "just right" but not to the level of a StingRay, where that kinda tone is more aggressive. but that's my preference.

maybe i should plug a preamp or DI for it to change my opinion.
I think the preamp of your Stingray pushes the volume up, making the passive jazz "softer", I guess. My assumption.
And most jazzes have pretty low output pups...
I don't really fancy those J pups either, but they are can do what other pups can't do. Hehe. :D
jp pups with maple neck sounds like a gd rock bass imho..

but kelv, if u wanna buy, get the the pic on the left laa!! it looks so you..
the ur kubicki give me..you with the kubicki like toy arr, suits me better!!
ok, dunno if this helps...

someone i know used to own the marcus miller sig. its japanese right? only the 5string is usa made. ok, he do not like the tone of the bass coz of the midrange. he says its kind of "nasal". i guess he meant the high midrange freq of the bass. anw he's sold the bass away...

try them both man. AB them and compare the sound/tone/feel...