Where to learn acoustic classical guitar


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Hi all,

Just a brief introduction of myself. I was in the guitar scene (intermediate-beginner) several years ago when I was in Malaysia learning acoustic classical guitar there before I came here for university. I hae not played the guitar for more than 4 years and right now I can't play it well anymore. I now decide to revise my guitar skills and do not mind at all starting from the very beginner basics. Right now I'm living in Choa Chu Kang area and am looking for a good place to start off my acoustic classical guitar revision learning.

Can anyone here recommend me a good place to learn (preferably 1-on-1 lesson) in Singapore (not really have to be near CCK area but hopefully not too far away)? Also, kindly advice on the usual cost fee starting as a beginner. Really hope that I can catch up my guitar playing skills asap as to build up my hobby. Hope you guys can help.

Thank you.
theres ossia at the big building beside lot1
there yamaha at cck ite
and theres sonata at teck whye market.
all are near cck or at cck :D
but idk if they have acoustic classical guitar lessons.
but all have electric,acoustic n classical guitar lessons :)