Where to buy red tie?

haha.. its okay fored.. no eyeliners guyz.. just red tie.. departmental stores? metro? isetan?.. i want cheap ones.
little india...1 for $2 only...or john little u can try...if u wan more high end one can go G2000
yea i'm looking for ties too.. those thin slim ties.. not those where it's fat at the end.. top shop sells it al $22.. i refuse to pay tt kinda price for a tie.. haha..
What's up with these red ties? Are there some kind of statement that they're supposed to send out? Like how white or red laces on boots for skinheads that are supposed to reflect their stand on racism, facism, veganism and other forms of isms?

Please enlighten me. For I am ignorant.

Or maybe, he's supposed to go somewhere in formal attire and red tie suits his clothes more?

Cmon people. Don't judge his intentions too soon. Geez.