where to buy andy timmons cd's in singapore

You might want to try Clairvoyant Records in Peninsula Shopping Centre, there's a good chance they'll have it
yea man!, ive been looking for em too. cant seem to find em at those major cd shops. will go check out the 4 shops stated by Stillborn when ive got time the next time ihead down to city hall area. meanwhile, if you do happen to find it before me, could ya pm me where u got it. thanks dude. i'll do the same.
psionic said:
clairvoyant probably have it since they carry stuff from the favored nations label

Yea, and they aren't cheap. Usually around 30 - 40 thereabouts per cd.
i've got his "That Was Then, This Is Now" from Clairvoyants, forgot it was 29 or 39.....really long ago but i hope that helps. You can ask him for orders btw
juz to add:

roxy - might hv in shop (unsure 'bout the price, maybe ard 30)

inokii - probably nid to order (but their price quite reasonable)

gold disc - shld hv in shop, saw a dvd bootleg the other day...

clairvoyant - might hv in shop (but quite ex...)

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