What's the latest with Michael Angelo, Neil Zaza, Greg Hoey?


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hey all, ARE those fellows really coming to Singapore? If yes, where can i purchase tickets?

also, i want softy guitarists to check out this guitarist! he's freaking unbelievable! www.musicv2.com/artist/alexflouros
his name is alex flouros, 26 year old greek guitarist that is somewhat of a slice between yngwie and michael romeo. my personal favs are his vids of flying in a blue dream and far beyond the sun!

check em out guys. =)
yep. seen alex flouros a long time ago. His cover of Jeff Beck's "cos we ended as lovers" is the RULEST.
His cover of Malmsteens Far Beyond The Sun was incredible, not only plays it perfectly but in the same style as Malmsteen himself with the same vibrato and style