What are your favorite O.S.T.?


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Any O.S.T. lovers here?
What is your favorite O.S.T.?
Some of my favorite O.S.T. are follow:-

The Song Sisters 宋家王朝 ~ Kitaro
Le Petit Poucet ~ Joe Hisaishi 久石讓
驚異の小宇宙。人体 The Universe Within ~ Joe Hisaishi 久石讓
Final Fantasy X O.S.T. ~ Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫
FF & FF II O.S.T. ~ Nobuo Uematsu 植松伸夫
あすなる白書 爱情白皮书 ~ S.E.N.S.
Love 2000 二千年の恋 ~ S.E.N.S.
砂の器 The Story of the Last Symphony ~ Akira Senju 千住明
白い巨塔 ~ Takashi Kako 加古隆
Love Generation ~ CAGNET
秘密 ~ Ryudo Uzaki
Shenmue 莎木 シェンム一
Ice Rain 冰雨 빙우
TAEGUKGI 태극기 휘날리며 兄弟
The Classic
Winter Sonata 冬季戀歌 겨울연가
Into the Sun 태양속으로
Madam what's next 黑青白蛇傳
Tempting Heart 心动 ~ 黄韵玲
Forbidden City~ portrait of an empress ~ Dick Lee
A.I. ~ John Williams
The Sound of Music
Women on Top
i like the FF8 sound track... if you play ace combat 5(the unsung war) you'd notice the guitarist shredding in the background sounds quite nice... hmm, top gun theme's also one of my favourites...
city of angels, mr deeds, top gun, sound of music, the punisher, rock star, and many more.. forgotten ahha
2001: A Space Odyssey
Lost Eden
Chrono Cross
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
Titan A.E
Red Warrior - The Last Samurai ; Composed by Hans Zimmer 8)

I don't really listen to OST much....

There are other OST which I've listened to before but I've forgotton the titles :(
For games, it'll have to be FFVI and FFVII, Guilty Gear series and YS series
Movies....off hand right now can only think of The Pianist...... :roll:
I also have "The Pianist" O.S.T.
But since it is some sort of compilation of classical music,
thus i don't treat it as "OST"
Particularly all the FFs... FF1-FF10.. Hmm I'll talk abit on good songs
FF7 - the boss theme ( very nice electric background with keyboard synthesising)
- Nightmare's beginning ( vincent's theme, leaves you in awe, i learnt abit on that)
FF8 - Breezy ( very relaxing i oso got learn this song)
FF9 - Freya's theme ( very very sad )
hmm these are some i can think of for the time being... there's alot more nicer stuffs but that's all i can name for now...

hmm and some other good OST from Xenogears and Chrono Cross..
Basically all Xenogears song sounds nice to me
Chrono Cross i like -Dream Of the shore and -Frozen Flame( these 2 songs i can listen all day long)