Watch how this guy reinvents the guitar...

Is he the same guy who appeared in the show "30 seconds of fame"?

Nevertheless, he's pretty good with his instrument. Cool stuff.
yo vaiyen if you like justin check out preston reed as well... similiar styles... though i feel preston reed is funkier... but both are killa la...

AWESOME dude!!!!!!
this fella sure a killer in his own style. am looking for more bout him
HAHAHAAH i mean... he made john mayer look like a little girl lor...

mean guitar playing.. great song!

if he goes on MTV , it will influence a whole new generation to pick up acoustic guitars.
what madness was that????? 8O

i've never seen anyone sweep from the front!!! goodness...and what was he playing with the hands flipping back and forth?? wha piangz....

anyways, he looks like he came out of a cave after 300yrs of secret meditation and practice...hahaha...he has finally learnt the art of buddha's palm. and sweaty palm and oil palm also....keke.
hmmm..... i dunt doubt angelo's abilities.... he certainly got the notes.... but... any possibility the video was edited.... cant even see the hands flying... that part.. was added with visual effects...?