Warwick Corvette Standard


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I am selling a Warwick Corvette Standard Bass Guitar made in Germany as can be seen on the link. The reason I am selling this, is I just do not have time to play it anymore and do not have the passion, so I thought someone else might as well use this great instrument. Many great videos can be seen on youtube.

The general body of the instrument is in very good condition and all the electronics in the guitar work good as new! There is also bell brass frets and MEC pickups, This guitar also has active bass pickups and controls to help with your tone and control over bass and treble.There are a few nicks on the head of the guitar but have not caused substantial or noticeable from a distance.

I am also selling this item with a Gator Case. This flight case and can stand high impacts completely protecting the guitar. It can be used for most bass guitar models that are normally shaped. This also come with a suitable stand which would keep the base in a safe upright position.

I am offering you this at around all in at S$1,300 collection only. If you would like to negotiate a price or ask any other questions do not please hesitate to contact me. Call my mobile- 92391089 or use the website to email me. Also if requested I can email you pictures of the guitar and case and even the slightly damaged part.

Thank You for reading, James :)
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