Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne

I suggest you not to play ladder, custom games are way more fun.

Ladder really stresses you out. Alot of pros like to use new accounts to bully the lower leveled people ;x
DoubleBlade said:
opps sorry , i mean custom games....

Just a bit of info bout Dota.

The "creator" Guinsoo ripped the map off Eul when he was beta testing the original FT Dota.

And currently the Dota games are full of screwed-in-the-head kids who think they>everyone else cos theyre good at ONE custom map. -.-"

Then again, still is good for a laugh once in a while.

There are some good maps around though, and the player groups are more matured, thats for sure.

Here's a good one

Tides Of Blood

and there's also a really great project called Blades & Billets being done by Ertwenpeller and Vig0r. Watch for it.
DoubleBlade said:
opps sorry , i mean custom games....

That means DotA? If so, the strategy forums are you best friend. Just pick a hero that seems appealing, and really try to learn how to use him.(watch pro replays, diff skill/item builds etc)

Then if you want, go on and learn other heroes. :D
lol dota ^^

take bone fletcher, get deso bruzie butterfly and have fun ^^
else take SA, get double bashers and mom..have fun ^^

but seriously ull get better as u learn abt the how ur oppenents gonna think and anticipate their moves...start out as bone or stealth Assassin..and work ur up.. =)

anyways i quit dota and concentrating on my guitarin already. So best u ask the others regarding the newer maps..
bone cheap..but ez to stop from farming...sa also another cheapo..but use bounty its settled ^^

i was too late to sign up for wow..sigh :(