Wanna form a HEY MONDAY-inspired band?

Hey Monday

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Do you love Hey Monday and want to perform their songs? Do they inspire you and make you wish to perform their songs for gigs? I do! So I want to form a band that focus on Hey Monday's songs only with a bit of Paramore. But once those are done then we can try other songs in the Top 40! Maybe some Taylor Swift, Kelly Clarkson, etc

I want to form this band from scratch, so here are the slots available:
Female Vox
Lead Guitar
Rhythm Guitar

-Age preferably 18-24. This is to reduce age gap between members, but I'm flexible with age!

-I'm located in the East. You don't need to be in the East, because I do not mind jamming somewhere in the central of Singapore!(Neither should you! :D)

-Skills-wise, you do not need to be jaw-dropping amazing. As long as you know how to play the instrument, it's fine with me!

-Commitment is crucial! I'll want to have jamming once every weekend if possible. If you're in NS, lemme know and we'll see if we can work something out!

-Can speak English. Because I can only speak English.heh

-I'm flexible with gender!(except female vocalist)

-The genre type is not really.. genre here. Just Hey Monday songs! If you wonder if I plan to only play Hey Monday songs all the way, don't worry! Paramore will be added, along with other well-known songs by female-fronted bands! But only after Hey Monday covers are done well! ^^

The plan is to get a band together, practice Hey Monday songs, and get gigs! Once we get the momentum, we can start doing originals too!

So lemme know if you are interested! PM me, but do lemme know in this thread that you've PM-ed me too! Just in case. In the PM, lemme know you contact, age, and a little about yourself! If the shoe fits, I'll contact you back! For female vocalists, please send me a sample of your singing! Sound clip, video, any will do! *If the slot is unavailable, I'll definitely update you all. So don't hesitate to PM me!*

So if you want to perform awesome songs like "How You Love Me Now" or this year's "Candles" drop me a PM!
I'll be away from 17th to 20th this month(which is this weekend) so sorry if I do not reply! Will get back to you all asap!
For those who tried to PM me and unable to due to my full inbox, you can send now! If it's still full, write on my profile! Thanks!
Hey all! Guitarist and vox slot available! I would need people who will put this band a higher priority if they have another band, and are planning to do recordings, gigs, originals! Just drop me a PM! If my inbox is full write on my profile wall!
Guitarist here!!!!!
please SMS ME or something! LETS GOOO JAMMING ASAP!
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God,i wana join but i don't even know hey monday song,i can play either lead or rythmist,and i only know mostly Paramore songs :)
haha if you haven't heard hey monday songs how come you sound so keen?! XD Anyway they are sth like Paramore, music-wise.haha