Wampler Pinnacles or Suhr riot for muse/paramore songs?Bareknuckle Nailbomb or Warpig


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Hiie intending to buy either suhr riot or wampler pinnacles . Song genre is rock songs.bands such as muse and paramore :D

Next is Bareknuckle. im confused over which i should choose. nailbomb or warpig :X

For Bareknuckle, I would go for the Nailbomb. Not only it's suitable for your genre, it's also more versatile which can go into blues/rock territory. IMO, I find the Warpig's output and low-end a bit over-the-top (although it's clear and can clean up pretty well). Good for heavy grinding stuff.
Muse's frontman uses BKP pickups, maybe you can look for him at the BKP site and see what he uses. But between those two I think the Nailbomb would be more versatile.
riot would suit paramore. find it more raw which is quite close to a jcm 2000 that their guitarist is using. correct me if im wrong. if ya really want a really Muse-y tone, might as well get a fuzz :) definitely nailbomb. using one myself. just my 2c.