Vox Cooltron Big Ben Overdrive/Tonebone

i tried it during the citymusic sale last year...imo..its real sweet..i wanted to buy it but no stock and all were sold out...instead i got the bulldong distortion...which angain in imo...one heck of a distortion pedal...smooth classic distortion to hard rock distortion...its like a marshall and mesa in one box...good value too...
there are other vaccuum tube overdrives available. maybe u might want to consider a tonebone,amt,english muffin etc.
its not a very popular model yet. if you need some feed back maybe u can try out harmony central.
brundisium said:
the LED in those vox is blue in color...

i think they're talking about a different LED here... the one behind the tube ;)

i'm thinking as long as a tube pedal can draw power from a 9V PSU there's no point getting one. i'm not saying the vox pedals draw power from a 9v source, though, i'm just saying, is all.
i tested the bulldog distortion combined with an uber metal last yr. i turned both gains to 1/2 mark. it's the closest thing to a hi gain tube amp i get on pedals!
it's one of the warmest drive tone i've come across from a pedal but if you are looking for something intense, the bulldog would be a better option.

both the overdrive & the distortion models have this setback- once the drive/ distortion is activated, i noted a drop in gain. it seems that this feature has different responses both in bypass/ drive modes. nevertheless, these are good pedals to own.