Vocalist Available

I am a singer-songwriter who was into new wave/punk/grunge music before. I am in my 40s and was performing since age 18 in the Philippines and here in Singapore since 2013 (irregular). I can also do rhythm guitar while singing. Due to suffering from cancer last 2018, I stopped creating music for a while. Middle of 2019, I started singing and playing guitar again. I did some crude acoustic projects a while back to stretch my vocal cords a bit and slowly fight the remnant side effects of my past chemotherapy. Below are some samples (pardon for the rustiness).




I am looking forward to write original songs and do a few covers in a band setting. Hopefully the sound would be more on light rock or alternative music side. What I have in mind is like Gin Blossoms, Lemonheads, Goo Goo Dolls, etc. I can venture into heavier stuff but not metal or hard core. If you are looking for a vocalist, you may message me at 96214424.