Vintage 1996 Fender Japan Stratocaster ST-STD


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Hey! Putting this vintage 1996 Fender Japan Stratocaster ST-STD up for sale. This model is pretty hard to come by in Singapore, with most retailers only carrying the reissue japanese fender strats. Reason for sale is because I'm moving out of the country and hence I feel I should pass on my guitars to new owners rather than let them rot and rust at home.

Build quality for Fender Japanese guitars are excellent, and this is no exception. It's from the golden era of Fender Japan so the quality is awesome. The condition is 10/10, good intonation and nice tones. Recently restrung with Elixirs so this baby is ready to rock. I prefer this guitar on top of the other reissue strats that are the mainstream for Fender Japan is that this guitar has a SATIN neck. Its smoother than the glossy lacquered necks, allowing your hand to glide up and down the fretboard, and has the sanded off feel of the Fender CS strats. No more sticky necks! :D Playability is 100%, classic strat tones. Didn't play this particular guitar much as I'm mainly focusing on acoustic guitar for now. I wouldn't be selling it if I wasn't moving out of the country lol.

Asking price is 1.2k. You're welcome to try with no obligations. I'll throw in a good quality gigbag with the guitar. Price is nego for fast deals but no lowballers. Thanks.
Contact me at 97380009.