VHT Pittbull (USA) 45/12


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Rare VHT Pittbull 45/12

A very rare and much sought after 1997 VHT Pittbull Forty-Five 112 Combo with the original FC-8 Foot Controller in the rare Ivory tolex. If you're familiar with VHT / Fryette Design you know they produce one of the finest guitar amps on the market today, and the Pittbull 45 was years ahead of its time. It has all the features one would expect in a world class amplifier, and it truly delivers!

This is one of the truly great classic amps of all time, amazing tone, astounding features, and it is much louder than a "normal" 45/50 watt amp. The Pittbull is very solid yet extremely portable. This is one of the most difficult of all boutique amps to find. Now is your chance to own your very own part of rock 'n' roll history...

The speaker is a VHT Pittbull P75E, an American made Eminence Legend speaker, custom designed and manufactured to VHT specs (12", 100 watts, 8 ohms)
and is one powerhouse of a speaker.

(4) EL84 Power Tubes

(3) 12AX7 Preamp Tubes

(1) 12AX7WB Rectifier Tube

This rare boutique amp is the most desired "Ivory" color.

This is an excellent condition all-tube boutique amplifier made in the US, and kept in excellent condition. This 45 watt, 1x12 combo has a fair number of controls for a two channel amp making it very versatile;

Two channels (Clean and Distortion) Class A and Class A/B switching, 1/2 power switch, high and low inputs, selectable and foot switchable serial/parallel FX loop, presence and depth controls, selectable 4/8/16 ohm output, boost, bright, and shift controls on top of the 3 band normal EQ. The reverb, FX loop and gain boost are all foot switchable and tube driven. Additionally, the reverb is individually assignable to the two channels, so you can have reverb on for only the drive channel, only the clean channel or both.

The clean channel is crisp and clean but starts to break up nicely when pushed or you can use the boost to get that "chunky" drive. The gain on the Pittbull 45 can go from a creamy blues to totally saturated heavy metal. This is probably the most versatile amp ever produced, and in a small easy to haul package. The Pittbull 45's are extremely rare and hard to find, especially in this condition. the Pittbull is also known for its sensitivity to "pick attack", a most desirable feature.

It has amazing sustain/feedback and even on maximum OD you can hear each individual note clearly, and it doesn't compress the signal! The reverb is the best from any reverb tank I've ever heard. Very transparent and sparkly. Spend a few hours tweaking this baby and you'll find just about any type of sound you need is available.

The Pittbull is no one trick pony. The Pittbull Forty-Five Combo can produce dozens of sought after tones, blues, jazz, country, rock, heavy metal, classic rock... This amp does them all justice, and at any volume level you need. This is one LOUD combo amp, and it sounds just as good when turned down to small club level. The 1/2 power switch lets you crank the output tubes and get them singing at tolerable volume levels.

This is the very rare 1997 model, which makes it much more of a collectors item. Not that many were produced, and those who bought them are holding onto them.

Read the reviews yourself: http://reviews.harmony-central.com/r...045 112/10/1

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