urgent! band members for indie band


New member
hello there, my drummer and i are looking for a bassist and a guitarist (maybe?) to form an indie band. we're working adults in our early 30s. our music tastes are pretty wide and varied, ranging from indie, alternative music, rock, pop punk, emo, 60s, 70s, and the list goes on. as long as the music is good, we will probably like it. with that said, we're still an indie outfit and we'd like to play along the lines of arctic monkeys, last shadow puppets, the killers, editors etc for a start.

musically, we're looking for an experienced musician (someone who has played shows or has been in a band at least), has good music sensibilities (can play chords, come up with chord progressions that work) and are able to write music or your parts. if you can write songs that'll be great too!

personally, we're just down to meet and play with anyone who's chill and can hang out.

we have a jamming sesh on the 12th january in town. so interested bassists, do hit me up! if you're reading this after 12th jan, feel free to holla us at 91063530 if you're interested :)

we have some demos at soundcloud if you're wondering how/what we write and play: https://soundcloud.com/thedeadpoetssg

look forward to hearing from you guys!