Uncommon Fields : b-quartet live at The Esplanade Recital Studio


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Uncommon Fields sees b-quartet launching their 2nd full-length album 'Conformity Has Replaced Consciousness' on Sun 11 April 2010. Formed since 1999, the 6-men act has been known to incorporate jazz, folk and rock into their unique genre of music.

The band shares their new ethos: "The music invites listeners back to an intersection where compulsions inform us of every misdirection conjured for tastbuds to follow. Here we are, back at the confluence of eitherness, sitting above rooftops breathing for a better morning in the coming years. This is consciousness reinterpreted, misinterpreted, interpolated and fundamentally reintroduced for the listeners, not the audience."

Expect stunning musical passages by the musically intuitive band and intelligent, yet evocative lyrics by the spoken word poet frontman.

Venue : The Esplanade Recital Studio
Date : 11th April 2010
Time : 9.30pm (60mins no intermission)
Tickets available through SISTIC or at The Esplanade's Box Office.

more information available at The Esplanade's Late Nite Series Microsite and b-quartet's pseudo blog.

we look forward to seeing you.
better days ahead.
alongside The Observatory, one of Spore;s most musically forward-looking and innovative bands.

children, listen and learn, please...........please.........Paramore can only take u so far in musical consciousness
a statement

hello all.

thank you for your very kind words and support. The Observatory will always be awesome.

i would just like to say some things about our recording and the process.

i will not cover the tracks trampled, i will not heed convention's opus and quiver by the gates to keep my mouth in place. needless to say, in that whole year spent in the gut of stockpile compulsions, bent and broken thoughts and ideals, the irrevocable transmutation of the indefinite funk, everything, in that mulch by the small of our backs, started to make sense.

every ventricle in these manic combustions explicitly contorts the then current architecture, confusing ears to the principle design and cast, yet the spaces where we begin to find that realigned dogmatic foothold presents itself, organic and buttery. my god, what an aftermath.

we trip to the warmth unclogging each writer's frostbite, leaning back in absolute suspense, deciding on the next plan of action. all dotted out in apparent, but each humtone sets itself as a miniature glass shard sinking gently without hesitation or conscious. so what next? what then? chords are merely settling about. the incongruent state of things darted easily through. there's no reason to feel the uncomfortable posture laid out. what started out as an indefinite structure, bloomed into proportions unimaginable.

i put it to you that mr Leonard Soosay has outdone himself. he has singlehandedly marooned the convention, built the threshold of sonic mecca, completely restructured perspectives and perceptions on aural rebirth and without doubt, carved hope for the future, here.

personally, we want you to listen to this province of consciousness, the acoustic nontomfoolery woven by mr Leonard Soosay.

what an aftermath.

we will update you when the print is done.
better days ahead.

(p.s. mr ezal, how are you and the sequencers doing man?)