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Hi guys!

I haven´t been posting alot lately due to my busy schedule and stuff. I read through some forum topics and I thought of giving my own feedbacks and stuff~


You guys have been goin on and on talking about TONE etc... is your guitar sounding FLAT and TONE-less? Before you throw in money to get another new gear... READ THIS!

Firstly, there is no perfect tone. The ultimate tone does not exist. So stop looking for it! TONE is a shifting object that varies depending on song, emotions, venue, audience, genre. I´ve heard players sayin "I´ve got to find my perfect tone!" Well.. utter rubbish... this is just an excuse to buy more stuff! So how do you find your TONE? The key to finding your TONE is simple... STOP LOOKING FOR IT! Concentrate on mastering your techniques and theory and your TONE will find you!

Secondly, i bet there are many people who feels that they´re guitars are inferior to others. The point again lies on how you percieve your guitar. If you think your guitar is crap... it is CRAP. I´ve seen many players moaning and groaning about their cheapo knockoff Strats/Les Pauls and whining to get a "decent" Fender or Gibson, hoping to find the ULTIMATE GUITAR. Well... this is jus bullshit again. What matters is YOU! If you think that your cheap Squier Strat is the best guitar ever... it will be! Theres no point going into this neverending crave in gear acquisition. Don´t feel bad that your guitar is cheaper than other guitars or not well known!

Guitar playing is not about getting "THE TONE" or buying "THE GUITAR"... it is purely about people... knowledge and skill. Hope this helps! Sorrie for the lengthy msg~
i am of the opinion that you need more than one guitars to fulfil cetain tonal requirements. it´s also about feel. when you play certain songs, you are better off with a guitar of a certain feel.

that, brings me to the Line 6 Variax which is hype now. having tried it, i rather possess several guitars than the Variax. having said that, i have tremendous respect for Line 6 which is at the tone modelling forefront.
What´s up?

I do believe that you need more than one guitar to get different tones...but however I think a Gibson and Fender would be more than enough to do the job or maybe a PRS and Ibanez.

Anyway I do believe that you would need a good guitar to compliment your tone. Ok fine, if ya really good you would sound good on a crappy guitar but if ya play a really good one...you are gonna sound out of this world.

Juz my 0.02 cents

Referring to what Metallibeast said.....

A crappy guitar is always good coz.... when you´re good... you will make it sound good....

when you´re lousy... a crappy guitar is enough for you. It works fine both ways.

A good guitar may make a good player sound better, but will also make lousy player sound like shit....

Get my point?
What´s up?

Isn´t that what I´m saying?
Maybe I wasn´t that clear...anyway that´s what I´m trying to say...sorry for my English...