Truss Rod


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Hi there, i would like to know what a truss rod adjustment is?which part of the guitar is the truss rod ting??and what does it do if u adjust it.. thank you 4 lookin at me msg..appreciate it..
Go here

Ok....that guy is a guitar trader...and specializes in Ibanez guitars, but his tech. page is SUPER comprehensive, and super useful. I'm sure if you really read through it, you'll be able to do everything you normally pay a good $40 for at shops. (intonation...PU height...truss rod...action...fret cleaning...polish....setup...string change...tremelo nut..etc) really really careful if it's your first'll be a HEART ACHE if you accidentally cracked your guitar....(like I did with my first washburn cabo wabo....cracked my tremelo unit changing strings!!!)