totally noob.. but loving it..


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Hi guys, its great to find this forum with locals. :)

Anyway, to cut long story short. I don't know music notes, etc and I don't know how to play an instrument. Personally, I don't think making dance/house music requires them. :)

So i was toying with the following idea and setup. Please give me your comments.

1) M Audio Radium 49
2) Software Synth - Downloaded Rebirth. May purchase Sony Acid Pro.

I'm not too comfortable playing with samples, cos its hard for me to get the feel and sounds of what I really like to achieve. Thats why I was thinking of getting the Midi controller with softsynth to create sounds and sample them into Acid Pro. Will this be sufficient or is there a better way to do it??

Thanks in advance!! :D
yeap..thats what i have...a radium but 61 keys version...together with reason and cubase sx with various vsts...

what sound card are you using currently?? you might want to consider upgrading it to one with low latency..that way you hear what you play immediately instead of a split second later...i'm using the m-audio audiophile 192 soundcard if you wish to know..

ermm even though you can still get by without knowing how to read music notes...but you do need to know about keys(major/minor) and the try to read up abit first so that you know what you're producing.

hope that helps.
Bought the Radium49 yesterday! :D Oh, I forgot to mention that I'm using SB Live! sound card. Will consider upgrading once I'm comfortable with the setup. Guess I still have much to read about MIDI itself as I cannot seem to assign the knobs and sliders to Rebirth.