Tom Morello - Unsung guitar hero


Do you guys know Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine and Audioslave? He's really good. For people who've never heard RATM stuff, then dont brush it off as a punk rock band. RATM is great, its sad Zack had to leave. Anyway, about Tom, i like how he plays stuff that no one will ever imagine is made by a guitar. I recommend this guy 100%.
Yeah !

I remember a B-side track of
Prodigy 'Smack My Bitch Up'
featuring Tom Morello guitar playing.

He's real good !!!
You guys should get Rage against the machine's self titled album or audioslaves album .... its great ....
y did that de la rocha guy leave? Yea, they r more than jus a punk rock band. a pro-communist band that have turntable sounds as solo made from a guitar. hahaha, love morello.
hes not such an unsung hero. Everyone knows him for his weird effects(people of the sun) .his riffs are amazing. Guerrila radio.. thats like one damn simple , cool riff and no one ever thought of that lol

He is more of a guitar riff guy than a guitar solo guy
yeah true, but his solos are freaking innovative. Guerrilla radio solo = harmonica? NO! It's a guitar+toggle switching+whammy+wah
hey ho...let`s go!!!!!!

alamak like pro.......
RATM is a RAPCORE band....not punkrock lah.... :lol: :lol: :lol:
he`s not an unsung hero......he`s like one of the best in the world!!!!

wanna see one in s`pore...check out PROJECT LIQUID`S guitarist....
umar morello.. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Project Liquid has gotta be one of the best RATM cover bands that i have seen. Omar just has the whole morello thing goin on..congrats to them once again for being the champions of Yamaha Asian Beats.

during the WTC amphitheatre days.. ONE MAN DOWN was the ultimate RATM cover band. Awel on guitars did a lotta weird experiments with his guitar too...once he turned on his handphone and held it to his pickups..yup...weird noises..but nevertheless..power da dey!

and yeah..RATM is a RAPCORE band.. one of the most politically active too.
Tom morello was arrested before for protesting against child labour..GUESS was the culprit i think..haha...

Evil Empire has gotta be one of my fave RATM albums. Fave track? People of the Sun. I think in one of the tracks if you listen closely morello had some weird pickups of a korean radio in broadcast on his guitar. haha. i think lah..or maybe some urban legend. :p
You guys read what i say la .... I never said they were punk rock i said dont brush them off as one cause of their name ... I'm a real big fan of them ... as for the harmonica solo, you need a guitar with 2 volume knobs(les paul works fine) ... Put bridge volume to 0 and neck to 10. So it acts as a killswitch. Then just keep flipping it up and down while

w/ Harmonizer up 1 octaves and wah
e|----------------------|       e|----------------------|
B|----------------------|x 3    B|----------------------|
G|----------------------|       G|----------------------|
D|-------------9-11-----|       D|----------------------|
A|-11-9--11-9--9-11-----|       A|-9~~~~~~~~~~~~p0------|
E|-11-9--11-9-----------|       E|----------------------|

e|----------------------|       e|-----------11-11----|
B|----------------------|x  3   B|-11-11-----11-11----|
G|------------11brp9----|       G|-11-11-9-9-------11-|
D|-11-9-11--9-------h11-|       D|-------9-9-------11-|
A|-11-9-11--9-----------|       A|--------------------|
E|----------------------|       E|--------------------|

pressing these frets down .... For bulls on parade just rub the top strings while rocking your wah while toggle switching....
unsung hero? Not exactly.....At least to me. Tom has been doing his "thang since early 90s. And its weird to see people talking bout him as if they have found the most unique guitarist around......
Tom Morello is no unsung hero to me man...... been stuck with RATM when my sis recommended me their bombtrack album back when i was like 10yrs old.... till now they r on my top list bands. not only for Tom Morello's magik,but oso for their rebels which is for a gd cause.
we have Omar Morello(project liquid) here.... wonder when he is gonna teach me his tricks fully.........
Tom's stuff isnt very hard to play. infact, its really easy. But i just started this topic cause i've never met many RATM fans, Met many metallica etc etc fans, but no ratm. Tom plays stuff on the pentatonic scale mostly ... I know how to play all his stuff, you can ask me how to play the stuff here.
never met any ratm fan doesnt mean there is none. There are more pros in the local scene than what i know. They dont talk so much, they just play.....
at RATM songs to reccomand to a beginner?

I once saw a music video of them when i was a kid....i think they were screaming and jumping and there were robots and spaceships and stuff..
That was testify. I recommend the first album to get first without a doubt. It has no title, the cover is a pic of a monk burning during a protest about the vietnam war. It has only 10 tracks, but ALL are nice. And remember at all times, all sounds in recording are made by vocals, guitar, bass and drums. No samples/synths wadsoever.
but whatever that is.. the chant "f**k you.. i won't do what you tell me.." still rhymes in my head.. many thanx to my EOA subject teacher back when i was in secondary school.. hahaha...

RATM.. i agree.. they influenced many bands.. locally and internationally..
do u know that tom actually write songs with acoustic? songs like killing in the name of...haha..the effects comes later..