Tmr's HOME show on 98.7FM (3-4pm)


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Daniel Ong will be airing a 30 min feature on my band Kate Of Kale on his HOME show on 98.7fm from 3 -4pm this Saturday (29 Oct 2005). He'll be playing 3 songs off the album and also a short phone interview with me. Do tune in, help spread the word and send your song requests to 98.7fm! Hope you'll like what you hear!

Thank you!

Ray <- for more request info
Yo!!! I just heard ur song 29apologies if i'm not wrong... Very powerful!!!

Haha i totally like it. Just that found the guitar powerchords aka palm muting parts quite redundant.

The second song aired on the 98.7 is much tighter and pleasing:)

Great job guys
sorry dude, i missed it! i just remembered abt it at 5pm! apa dey...
i was doing some spring cleaning for Hari Raya la...
i tuned in just in time for the last song.
heard that your music is being sold in the US.
wow... 8O
good luck to u'r future music making... :D
Wow! thanks for tuning in! We really appreciate it.

Do help keep us on the show/station's playlist by dropping Daniel Ong an email at to request Kate Of Kale's songs. SMS requests can be sent to 72346.

Pls lah, help keep us on radio lah. Unless you want to hear Maia Lee & Taufik Batisah dominate the show again. If punk bands like us can get on for another couple weeks, I'm sure the station will open their doors to better and heavier bands. Gam sia.

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I'll post up a recording of the radio show on once I get them encoded and edited.

Thank you but I sucked on radio! He called me when I was having dinner last night. No prior notification, just push the record button and I'm on. btw the 2nd song is "Soundtrack to the Perfect You". Can send email to request lah, hehe.

Thanks to all who tuned in and those who planned to but missed it. It'll be uploaded soon :)

Ray Rulez !!!
haha nice nick bro. Anyway great job and good stuffs on radio yesterday. Listenned to it on the bus. But it really is very irritating that Daniel kept on mentioning that you guys are a new band.

Anyway i've already sms 8)
I heard the whole show. You guys rock man. I think you can really go far. When's your next show? I want to see you guys :D
Whoa Louis! We can't thank you enough! Abt the new band part, yah lah... Esp when he said "formed in 2000". But I guess he meant we're new to the radio or something.

Thanks for listening :D! We'll be playing Substation on Dec 10. Might be playing Youth Park in Nov too. Will post the show dates here and on Thanks for the interest :)