tips for a guy wanting to learn drums


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hey guys.....really wanna learn drums any tips for me? like how to practise , things to do, not to do kinda stuff.....
Well, u gonna take lessons or learn on your own?

With drums, you don't really need a teacher for it since if you can read tabs/drum notes, you can already understand how most songs sound and how to play them. It's just practise that you need to play songs.

IMO, learning how to play drums is like learning to walk or ride a bike. You need to keep trying and practising to learn songs.

Ppl say rudiments are important to learn. They are quite useful to know since you can use them in fill-ins or solos.
I disagree.

I'm sorry but here's the disappointing truth, playing the drums requires a lot of technical knowledge in addition to practice. If you can, start off with a teacher, or even a friend who plays the drums for at least a month to get your basic techniques right. It is very essential that you start off with the proper techniques as bad techniques can lead to incorrect habits that will be very hard to correct further down in your drumming years. (I'm making an assumption that you're serious about taking up drums as an instrument)

And drumming isn't all about "playing songs", infact, you don't play 'songs' on the drums at all. Yes, you keep the beat for the song, yes you play some fills and maybe pop a few killer licks here and there, or even solo during a section. But drumming isn't largely about "learning songs". Infact, the only time when you need to learn songs is when you're learning a difficult groove or fill from a certain song, or when you're playing with a band that's covering the songs.

Anyway, it's true that you need to keep trying and practising. A lot of the coordination exercises can be VERY frustrating, but under proper guidance and teaching, it can be very manageable.
oh....i dun plan to get a teacher actually...haha
planning to self learn i guess . advice and help frm all the SOFTies here are much welcome :D
That can prove to be very detrimental, I'm sure you have some drummer friends who are willing to show you basic stuff like how to hold your sticks and hitting the drums? After you're confident of your free strokes, practise your rudiments, practise a lot of it too.
oh thanks wired. didnt see ure 1st post. hmm shld i get a drumset to start wif or maybe start wif something else? maybe lyk play the drum machine at the arcades? :p haha jk jk.
a teacher

dudeee wired sound like he knows wats he's talking about. u need a teacher man. 2 guys learning drums one learns by himself one with a teacher confirm u me the guy with the teacher is gonna sound so much better. get a metronome dude , a click some people call it. thats ur bible for now. rudiments are important but knowing how to keep steady time is more important. practice to sounds to get the feel of the music ur playing thats really impt as well. oh and get a mohawk to impress the girlies :D
sorry, but wired is right.

you can only go THIS far (and this is very little, if you'd ask me) on your own.

i hit my impasse shortly after i started drumming and learning from my drummer friends (yes even with friends). it was my instructor and the rudiments that delivered me from ignorance. i had to relearn tons of things, alter my grip etc.
Yep, you've heard from your fellow SOFTies, blurred is right, get yourself a metronome. It is as essential to you as a drummer as a pair of sticks are. Then work on your rudiments, try to get them sounding as clean as possible. Don't worry about speed yet. Speed comes with control, if you can make your strokes sound really clean, you'll gradually be able to add speed to it while still having your strokes defined and pronounced. It is a common mistake to want to be able to go blazing around on the drumset, but no, speed has to be built up, it is a by-product of control.

Here are some great resources for rudiments

Regarding your drumset purchase, it really depends on your budget. Personally I started off on a practice pad, cost me around 40 dollars with a pair of vicfirth sticks and a exercise book. I worked on it for a month or two before I got my Pearl Forum drumkit. The rudiments helped me a lot and I swear by it, its amazing how much you can grasp just by hitting a rubber pad to the sound of a constant beep.

If your budget permits you ($1k to $2k+), buy a mid-level drumkit, if not, settle for something lesser like the Pearl RT, Forum, Tama Stagestar, etc. Try to look out for second hand deals too. Remember to factor in the cost of budget cymbal packs (Sabian B8, B8Pros, XS20) as those cymbals that come with "starter" drumkits are HORRIBLE. :lol:
starting out

dont rush to play fast. Speed isnt everything, its taste. Even Portnoy said it in Drummer Fest 2003 where he played a tribute to the Beatles!

Get down your foundation properly, that is so so so important. If not you will end up like me and turbochicken I believe from his thread, unlearn to learn all over again and that is the hardest, and suckiest.

Good luck
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yo wired wanna shoot this guy with loads of info like we did to the other guy? heh heh

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Haha, that wouldn't be necessary.

But in all seriousness, 17wil, if you need help, feel free to contact drummar buah or me, I'm sure both of us will be glad to help. :lol: