This new 3D Operating System is COOL!

wow.. 8O
dats awesome..
but, i bet it'll eat off your memory and stuff, coz everything is in 3d.
Think we are looking at future OS environment. Microsoft new OS is going to have the translucency thing that the guy talked about.
Dosen't impress me. Why would you wanan view the document upside down? Besides, with all those 'cool' 3D functions, ppl would have more fun and be more distracted, then to be handling serious work, on those pcs.
That's the Sun Java Desktop OS which I have seen on experimental workstations. Windows Vista (formerly codenamed Longhorn) will do similar things and much more than that (but the *really cool* stuff is for now, top secret).

Of course, if you use the Sun Java desktop it's "goodbye" to all those Windows applications that you know and love, because they won't be running on that. :)
Yeah, there you go, that's Microsoft for you. Coming up with a whole list of gimmicky and impractical features. That looks totally unnecessary and helps little in the efficiency of using another of Microsoft's junk.

It may look all "wow" and everything. But once the novelty wears off, I can be pretty sure it will a bane to any PC users who prefers simplicity and usability in the layout.
Well, no offence, but I think you're a little quick to jump to attack Microsoft seeing as the video being shown is of a 'gimmicky' OS developed by Sun.
Try telling him "Adultfriendfinder" and see what happens. :lol:

What's up with that guy man. Bill Gates killed his father or something...? 8O

Why so quick to jump the gun bro..? :roll:
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