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firstly I'd liek to ask about a studio in the bukit timah/bukit panjang/bukit batok area. Or the closest you can get.

I was wondering how people manage to jam at a sustainable rate. Cuz each hour is like $10-15, pretty much exhaustive for an average teenager. and to have ample time to produce real music it would take about 2 hours or more, which is over 30 bucks.

is there like a cheaper way to jam? The CC near my school (Queenstown CC) has this music room with all the equipment and they said "It's only for the committee". Thus I concluded that there is someway of getting to join a club for cheaper jammin rates.

Any help would be a appreciated. thanks. :D
wow how i wish i can join a commitee, and jam there, imagine, you the commitee member, got to jam, may possibly get gig exposure somemore. wah wat more to wish for...
Split the costs with your mates. Once you split it up, it won't cost you more than watching a movie with popcorn and drinks on weekends anyway.

The most important thing is everyone should practise well before coming together for jamming. Less time wasted in the studio that way :)
the thing is that I don't watch movies every week. I don't even watch them twice per year. And plus, even if we jam we still need to watch movie, it's an added cost either way.

About the practising, we are not jamming covers, we are trying to write something. so it's kinda hard to practise alone, unless one person writes everything.

Anyway, if you would, just tell me if there's any jamming studio with low rates in our area?
my 2 cents worth.. heh

maybe work things out via acoustic guitars at someone's place first..then just use the jamming as a way to finalise and innovate what u guys had aready created..

i remember those school days where me n my firend would skip recess for the day f we intend to go jamming after skool..heh fond memories..
yeah that's cool. but what about the drums?

argh, I don't know...

I'd try what you guys suggested, meanwhile, what's the best place to jam(in the area I stated)
alvron. its in bukit timah area. near beauty world there. u go check the studios link. i think they haf it under there.
if u haf 4 bandmates, 2hour = $20 divide by 4 ...tat wuld be about $5 per person..its even cheaper than watching a movie.. n like wat zerosoul mention, get together, n practise first...u can use elect guit/bass, as for the drums part, get the drummer to listen to the song n try to incoporate, so when you guys get to the studio, u wun be wasting time n $$$$$. Thats what i suggested/do with my bandmates. we would go to one person`s house and spent like 4 to 5 hours? brainstorming, trying out ideas...

alternatively if u dun mind the distance, can try out guitar77(penisular) nearest mrt ct hall think the charges are quite cheap durnig weekdays, for a 2 peice, can get a drummer n guitarist to try out some tunes...
manage ur time well in the studios, my band will use the 1st 15-20 mins, to play some covers to warm up, den during the remaining 30 mins or more, we'll use to do our originals

guitarist will come out wif his riff which he created, my drummer will tink of an appropriate drum accompaniment. as the bassist i'll juz play the roots 1st, take down the chord progressions.

will den check wif my drummer if i'm ok wif dat. so guitars n drums are settled.

the next day, i'll record the guitars acoustically. den i'll figure out a bass 4 the song. next session, we'll try again. so maybe gotta hav like 2 bass lines 4 each song, juz in case one wont fit well wif the rest.

so maybe in a space of 2 weeks, u can hav a song 80% done, w/o the lyrics of course.

we jam @soundmix, $16/hr. so, each person pays $4. not dat hard to come up wif dat money, juz dun eat lunch everyday la, heavy breakfast n dinner. strugglin musicians....
ductape: how did you know? anyway, our school's near there, not our home. so we would probably jam there aft school. I've been there and it seemed pretty ok.

yanxi: thanks for the tip, I'd find out.

I guess there's no real painless solution to anything. thanks ppl.