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X & X Japan History

Vanishing Vision Era 1987-1989


Blue Blood Era 1989-1992

Silent Jealousy Era 1992-1993

Dahlia Era 1994-1996

The Last Live 1997

Final Line Up
Yoshiki : Drums, Piano, Composer, Leader
Toshi : Vocal
hide : Guitarist
Pata: Guitarist
Taiji : ex-Bassist

Brief X Japan History
In 1977, YOSHIKI and TOSHI created a band called NOISE in their birthplace, provincy of Chiba. YOSHIKI playing in the drums and Toshi in the side guitar. In the 3rd year of junior high school, the vocalist went to another school, than Toshi started to singing in his place. Even till in the High School the band continued but in the 2nd year, the others members left. YOSHIKI decided to invite players from others schools calling the new band as X. The name was invented by YOSHIKI. He said that "a character calls more attentions in contests panflets". He said it 'cause in that time was common long names for bands. But they was saying that one day they'll change the band name for a more nice name. Maybe they never thought that the name X came so far with so much success. X participated in various contests, and cultureal events, won a lot of prizes, and people started to allot live spaces, and they was becoming famous in their hometown. It was very funny 'cause Toshi was in the volley ball team of his high school, than sometimes he sang with uniforms and with bald head. In the Cultural event of the 3rd year of high school, 3000 people came to their live. YOSHIKI and Toshi felt the sense of pleasure of performing in front of people. After that live, they really decided to continue the track of rock. When they formed the high school they went to the capital, Tokyo. The first thing they did was look for a new member for the band. While they was working, they was looking for the members, and when the band formed again it was after a year. Finally they started to play again, making demo tapes and distributing in all live houses they found. In they city Kanyama, didn't exist live houses, so the objective was "play in a live house". In 1985 people could see the name X in the schedules of a live house. They started to sell a demo tape called KURENAI with 5 songs for ¥1000.

In 1986 April, they released the single ORGASM by Extasy level, in June, they released the single I'LL KILL YOU, and in July participated with just a song in the album HEAVY METAL FORCE III. The name X was becoming more famous but they was always afflicted 'cause excluding YOSHIKI and Toshi, no one continued the band so long. YOSHIKI was saying that "the musicians that you can call ex-X member exist more or less 30 people". In that period, just for call people attentions, they used to paint their hair in blond so YOSHIKI said that "everyone came here, paint the hair in blond and after go to another bands, so people used to call us of The blond factory". Some times X was just a drummer and a vocalist, but even so they always was putting helpers and continued the lives. Suddenly the ex-member of Dimensier, TAIJI appeared. Once time he left the band but in the final of 1986 he came back, and turned the official member. In that time the Victor records invite the X to participate in the album SKULL THRASH ZONE. It was the first invite with major level. They decided to participate, but it was necessary a guitarrist, than YOSHIKI call to PATA an acquaintance and ex-member of Black Rose, if he did'nt wanna help them with the recording. Pata accept the invite with intention of help just once. They recorded the STAB ME IN THE BACK and more one song. After the recording finished, the ex-member of Saiber Tiger, HIDE entered officially. Saiber Tiger was a crazy indie band like X but they separated in the beggining of 1987. Hide was the leader of the Saiber Tiger, and after they separated he was thinking in became hairdresser, and cut his hair, but with the YOSHIKI's invitation he decided to continue playing. In that time it was decided to enter another member that play faster like Hide but in one day before the live he caused an accident with the motorbike, than YOSHIKI ask for help to Pata again. After the live YOSHIKI asked to Pata if he doesn't wanna continue in the X, than Pata became an official member.

In 1987 February the X was totally formed with YOSHIKI, Toshi, Taiji, Hide and Pata. Since the finish of high school, the X visual was gaiety with blond hairs and make ups. They were thinking that first they needed to call attentions than show thier sound. So they turned more colorful, YOSHIKI rase up one side of his hair and people used to call "hedgehog head", the make up was different in each side of the face. He wanted to express the 2 sides of the human personality. Taiji style was gram, Hide used to wear epic clothes, Toshi used to wear clothes with a lot of metals called "Gundam fashion" by people, and Pata with his red hair and the flower tattoo in his face. In live house they began go dive in pit, troughing things, breaking instruments, quarreling with the pit, instead of live it's more like a raging. Every place they used to go, always they were making confusion so no one could count how many places people prohibted their entrance. Some bands said "we don't want to play in the same place with them". "If X pass, no one grass will born in that place", this rumour spread in all country. X was the hatted band in indies scenes. In 1987 August, in the live house Osaka Bourbon House, they destributed for free a video with 3 songs for everybody who entered in the live. In that time, neither the demo tape was passed for free, so decided in a bar, however, "let's do something cool that nobody do", than came the story of "each one have to bring till tomorrow ¥20000". With a lot of sacrifice they made this video, and turned success. They started to play in TV programs, like variety shows. Unfortunately, 'cause they weren't famous, the position people put them was in the comedy section. But they had the policy of do everything to rise the name. Than the director of the Major Level entered in contact with X to make their major album. They never recorded an album so they decided first to make an indie album. In 1988 April they released the first album VANISHING VISION. This album was in the first place of the chart, and was considered the most sold album. Even with their creative song, even with their good melodies, people did'nt give them the importance they deserve, just because of their visual style. After the release of Vanishing Vision they sold out the tickets of live in Tokyo Nakano Koukaidou, and did the tour in 24 places of the country.

Than in 1988 August they did the agreement with a recorder, and the recording starts in 1989 January. The recording of Debut album BLUE BLOOD remained 2 months and was released in 1989 21th April. This album entered in 6th place in the chart. In that period no one new band entered in charts so this people were surprise with that fact. Since child YOSHIKI learned classical piano, so the musical knowledge was perfect. All orchestra parts was written by YOSHIKI. Than the power of the twin guitar. The originarity of X debut album, is considered now the best album that could represent the Japanese Rock. After the released album they did the first major live tour. When the tour finished they started to make new songs and went to other countries for the video recordings. YOSHIKI went to London, Paris, New York and other members went to Los Angeles and New York. When they returned to Japan they started to participate in radio programs, magazines, TV variety programs and talk shows. In that period it wasn't common rock bands play in music programs, but with X, a lot of musical programmers, and directors started to invite them to their programs. X became more famous and in 1989 1st September they released the single KURENAI in japanese version and entered in 5th place of chart. In 1st December they released the single ENDLESS RAIN that entered in 3rd place of chart. In that year they won the prize of the best new artist with talent of Japan (Nihon Yuusen Daishou Yuushuu Shinjin Shou) and won the prize of the best new artist with talent of all Japan (Zen Nihon Yuusen Daishou Yuushuu Shinjin Shou), won the prize of the Oricon first place in singles selling (Oricon 89 Nendo Recording Sell Single Shinjin Bumon Dai Ichii). Than they started to do the Autumn live tour. The YOSHIKI's drumming did X a band that nobody could copy. But this kind of playing drummer was causing problems to YOSHIKI's body. In that time the members were saying in a kind of joke that "if you wanna kill YOSHIKI, just play direct faster songs" and the proper YOSHIKI said "I'm doing lives that in anytime I can die, I'm in the limit of my body, maybe we can't support so long". But this bad joke turned reality in 1989 23th November in the meadle of the tour and in one day before the Shibuya Koukaidou Live. YOSHIKI fainted and the band had to cancel all schedules. But in 1990 4th February they did a live in Nihon Budoukan to comemorate their back. But after the accident the fans started to be worry about them. Than X won the prize of the Best artist of The 4th Japan Gold Disc (Dai Yonkai Nihon Gold Disc Taishou Best Artist Shou).

In 1990 21th April they released the single WEEK END. This single entered in the 2nd place of chart. People with preconception started to look to X with another eyes. X did the image of a band that can do anything that nobody could think. They talked about their participation in comedy shows, so it was normal they telling to the people their quarrels in bars, that they destroyed the hotel, that they punched people they don't like even that person could be your producer. Proper YOSHIKI said in the TV about "the pungent curry affair" or "the hot shower affair". So even X been violent, and YOSHIKI a terrible selfishness musician, people started to notice in them a charism and to have affinity. They finished the tour in Nihon budoukan 2 DAYS, and in Osaka jyou Hall. And to the recording of new album they went to the Los Angeles again. In 1991 December they won the prize of The Best Music of Japan (Nihon Yuusen Daishou Yuusen Ongaku Yuushuushou), and in 1992 March they won the prize of Japan Gold Disc for New Artists (Nihon Gold Disc Daishou Shinjin Shou). Than finally they finished the recording of new album and after 7months they came back to Japan. In that day the fans alloted the Airport of Narita causing panic, and many girls fainted going to hospitals. In 1992 1st July they released the new album JEALOUSY that entered in first place of Oricon chart. They started a new live tour, and in 23th August they did their first live in Tokyo Dome. In 3rd October they made an event in Shinjuku Powers Station, and invited a lot of musicians friends to participate together with them. They did too an event of Extasy Records, in Budoukan, the Extasy Sumit. Than appeared bands like LUNA SEA and LADIES ROOM that started copying X Japan, with make ups and colorful hairs. X did too a secret live in Shibuya Live House Egg Man with limit for 300 people, did a live in the NHK hall with a full orchestra. In the end of 1991 they participated in NHK Kouhaku Utagasen. They was the first rock band that appeared in Kouhaku. After playing SILENT JEALOUSY in the Kouhaku they went to ALL NIGHT EVENT. In 1992 5, 6 and 7th January they did the live Tokyo Dome 3 Days. But after the released album Silent Jealousy, Taiji decided to leave X.

Now they had to look for another bassist. They started to make contests, but it was difficult to find a good bassist. Than when they went to New York in August they find the new bassist called HEATH. He entered officially to the band and they deiscovered that in Los Angeles existed a band called X too, so they change the name to X JAPAN. The first live with HEATH was in Osaka jyou hall and Extasy Sumit in Nihon Budoukan. They participated again in the NHK Kouhaku Utagasen playing Kurenai and Tears that YOSHIKI played in a pipe organ. After that they started with the recording of Mini Album ART OF LIFE. YOSHIKI had to write the partitures so the others members did some solo works. Toshi did the album MADE IN HEAVEN released in 1992 October, Hide was making an omnibus Album with J and INORAN of Luna Sea, he did too an video with TUSK of ZI:KILL and started to do solo works in 1993 August. Hide created a Hide band where Pata was playing too, and released an album in 1993 November. Hide did live tour with Tommy Aldorich (ex-White Snake, Ozzy Bourbon), Saimon Philips (Jeff Beck, Michael Shenker) Tim Bogard (ex-Vanilla Fang, B.B.A.), and James Christian (ex-House of Rose). Heath did just a solo work in 1995 February. YOSHIKI did solo works too, with TETSUYA KOMURO he did an unit called V2 playing HAITOKU NO HITOMI ~EYE OF VENUS~, he played piano with the London Philarmonic Orchestra composing the single AMETHYST and making a solo album with X's songs but in classical versions called ETERNAL MELODY, and with the ex-QUEEN member Roger Taylor he did the single FOREIGN SAND. In 1993 25th July X Japan released the album Art of Life, that entered in 1st place of the chart. An toy factory created an UFO catcher of X Japan, attracting millions of fans, and to the prevention of AIDS they created a X condom. In October they released the single TEARS that was played in 1992 Kouhaku. In1993 30 and 31th December they did a live Tokyo Dome 2days. It was the first live that Toshi sang with the hair lowered and with a light make up. In 1994 May they participated in and event called AONIYOSHIKI in Toudaiji. They released the single RUSTY NAIL that entered in 1st place of chart. The poster of single was sticked in everyplace of Harajuku but they stoped to do lives for the new recording. Than in 1994 30, 31th December they did the live Yokyo Dome 2days. The first day was called "the blue night" and the second day was called "the white night". They gave a demo tape of the new song LONGING for 10000 people. After the live end, they went to the Kouhaku Utagasen to play again Rusty Nail. In 1995 they participated at F3000 as X Japan Motor Team.

In 1995 1st August they released the single LONGING ~TOGIRETA MELODY and the maxi single LONGING~ZETSUBOU NO YORU. This singles entered in 1st place of chart again. After 4 years they decided to do a live tour called DAHLIA. They released a game software for Sega Saturn VISUAL SHOCK 001 and released the single DAHLIA with 2 covers that entered in 1st place of chart. They released too the single FOREVER LOVE that became the Theme song of the CLAMP Anime Movie X, and of course entered in 1st place of the chart. In August they released the single CRUCIFY MY LOVE that entered in 2nd place of chart. Than finally in November they released the full Album DAHLIA that entered in 1st place of Oricon chart. They did again a live just in the end of the year in 1996 30 and 31th December, Tokyo Dome 2days. Unfortunately in 1995 May Toshi decided to leave X Japan. Toshi maybe wasn't supporting X anymore. Bad rumours appeared about Toshi. The others members talked a lot about the situation, but Toshi was member of X Japan for 10 years, it was difficult put another vocal. So they decided to finish the band. In 1997 22th September they announced the End of X Japan. In 31th December they did the LAST LIVE. After, they released the maxi single THE LAST SONG, that's a kind of CD-ROM too. They released too the mini album ART OF LIFE LIVE and than the last album X JAPAN PERFECT BEST. The band X Japan doesn't exists anymore, but their music, their history will continue in our hearts and X Japan is now the LEGEND of Japanese Rock Music.


Vanishing Vision 1987
Blue Blood 1989
Silent Jealousy 1992
Art Of Life 1993
Dahlia 1996

Popular Songs
Genre: Rock
2.Rose Of Pain
5.Silent Jealousy
6.Rusty Nail
7.Blue Blood
8.Sadistic Desire

Genre: Power Ballads
3.Say Anything
4.Crucify My Love
5.Forever Love
6.Endless Rain
7.Voiceless Screaming

Some interesting Facts
Ok consider there some fan of X Japan here, lets talk about X Japan. What you want to know and what you didnt know. Let me start the ball rolling?

Anyone knows that before hide, pata and Taiji join, X has long exist before 1987 with Yoshiki, Toshi, Jun and Hikaru. And before that there is also some other members that join and left the band.

They had a few indies songs like

- Ladies In Tears
- We Are X
- Stop Bloody Rain
- Endless Dream (Believe to be the very first X ballads)
- Right Now
- Tragedy Of M
- Feel Me Tonight
- No ConneXXion
- Break The Darkness
- I Kill You

Sadly none of this song has been re-record by Yoshiki when they were in their major market (no more indies/underground).

The also did some covers in 1983 with songs like In The Mirror, Deep Purple (forget what song) and Killer by Iron Maiden.

Songs like I'll Kill You, Stab Me In The Back, X, Orgasm and Kurenai also was composed way before hide, pata and taiji join .. but the version is different from what msot of you heard. E.g different solo's, arrangement and etc.
I want to know why its so @#$% hard to find their cds in Singapore !!

nah j/k :lol:

Ermm, What guitar does Hide use?(looks very bad ass!)
hide use Fernandes mocking bird. They are many fernandes mocking bird yellow heart sellign around (was once sold in plaza singapura for $2000) but that was not the original that hide use. the pickup everythign different .. can never get hide sound.

you can get hide mocking bird lower end version at the link below

get hide original mocking bird high end guitar below

my favourite guitar is MG 450-X , its his own design. dman nice!

Some Rare Tracks of X (thanks to kenzogackt from sgclub)

X - X (Demo) -The solo damm power, really different from the X in Blue Blood

X - Endless Dream

X - Lady In Tears

X - We Are X

X- Kurenai (Demo)

X- Orgasm(Demo)

X-Shadows (Joker)

X - Rose And Blood (Jungle)

X - Black Devil (Desperate Angel)

X - Not True (Miscast)

X - End Of The World (Art Of Life)

X - In the mirror(Cover)
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Just want to add Art of life is an incredibly awwwweeesooommme rock epic(although I found the singing annoying first time round)
sLapshock said:
hide use Fernandes mocking bird.

The 450X and 450R are really unique. But i haven't really seen hide use the 450R in any video yet. Have you any vids with him playing that?
Cloudsky said:
Just want to add Art of life is an incredibly awwwweeesooommme rock epic(although I found the singing annoying first time round)

Yes. Soem said its liek Dream Theatre + Metallica. Duhz.. i dont find it so. Maybe they called it like dream theatre because fo the timing.

Anyway, i liek the starting part.. the lyrics.. very meaningfull!

u r lucky those are all good songs. Some are unlucky when they hear i'll kill you, stab me in the back and no conexxio as their first xjapan song. and they gorget about them as they thought xjapan are some punk band.

lol.. but i like those 3 songs.. their old songs are great
thankfully i m one of those that listened to those songs first. Actually i was very into them when i first heard/watched X, tokyo dome '92. Amazing live performance. Esp the drums and hide scratching pata's strings.
yes. for me teh verge of destruction tour is their best concert. (partly because fo taiji and the song list)

dahlia is not good. the last live is good because it is very sad and the setting si great. the sounds good too.. but song list.. haiz.. i never like xjapan.. i like X

hey guys. it's levan from Ronin here.
read the thread and thought you might be interested in this.

it's basically the entire album collection of X Japan (studio) from Vanishing Vision to Dhalia.
Check out the price

In total you'll be paying about S$60 bucks including shipment
It's 5 cds and comes in a lovely box set, all original, and the company is a reliable company.

Enjoy :)

I know this, i saw it 2 years ago at the 4th floor cd shop at causeway point and sell it about $49.90.

As for me this set is good for those who never heard msot fo their song before, like me i heard all but i prefer individual set. But Vanishing Love original set that was released in 1987 by Extacy studio is impossible to find. Argh.. if there it would cost about $US200 ?

Anyway, Yoshiki will be releasing Eternal Melody 2 ( a project with george martin) and Violet UK Symphony Concert 2 DAYS FROM TODAY!