the old question, strat or rg?


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currently i own a 70s classic series strat...its a great guitar, very good for most kinds of stuff and pop(which i kostly play now)..sounds good when clear and all..but now im considering buying an's the confusing part... pros and cons:

strat: only 21 frets, not very comfortable to access lower frets, single coils lack punch when distorted (if i plan to learn heavier stuff), cant really abuse the tremolo

rg550: 24 frets...easy access to lower frets, humbuckers pack a punch, good for heavier stuff, can play with the whammy all i want but it dosen't sound as the strat when clear and well i honestly like the strat's looks better.

ok i know it all boils down to which sound u like...but the problem is i like and want should i sell my strat and buy the rg? or should i keep my strat and forget about the rg? don't tell me get both cause i gotta wait till CNY and i wont be able to get a POD or Vamp to make my crap peavey sound better and hardcase for the guitar.
If you can live with 21 frets, keep the strat man. Swap the pickups to something which can pack a powerful punch yet still retain some single coil clarity. Dimarzio and Seymour Duncan have these.
own both if it's within your means... 8) i still retain my RG after i bought a strat...

if you see the Ibanez 2005 offerings, you'd be wanting one right now...
well just get a hum/single/single guitar... with a floyd.. ?

best guitar that fits this profile imo is the vigier strat... but..4 - 5k sgd la..
well man....i think ya shld just keep ur strat n change the pickups to dimarzio. dats what i wld do anyway
why don't u get a fat strat? H/S/S. u can change your pickups now to a single-sized hum right