The Bass Picture Gallery


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I was just posting some pictures over another thread and thought: Hey this thead might be fun. So here goes! Try to make the pictures up to 600px width ok? So everyone gets a nice viewing experience! Fire away..

My latest mistress

3 musketeers. 6 string sold for a cool 300 bucks.

My Poplar beauty

My wife! Nice figure right?!
Re: ..

rottenRAMONE :p

the fourth bass from the left , the one with the fender like headstock but the sharp edge protruding out .

is that a G&L bass or is that a pre EB MM bass ?
thanks :) yup i love P-J basses too. I don't think I would play anything else other than a Fender. Of course, sometimes i gotta use the crappy ones at studios if we call for a last min jam, haha. really horrid..some of them even have rusty strings :S
amnesiac said:
Showed it off just now, but I don't mind doing it again :p My 2nd wife..she's japanese, haha..


shes an 03/02 production model ? maybe even late 04 model ?

beautiful, like the pickup selector option , did you wire it in or does it come stock ? its a signature model ?