Taylor Guitars


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I just want to find out what other ppl think of Taylor. I fell in love with the 610ce, maple body, sitka spruce top. Most imptly, CHERRY SUNBURST!!! To me, the 2nd most impt thing abt a guitar is its looks. If the guitar is ugly, I can't stand to play it no matter how good it sounds.
In my experience of doing live sound, I find Taylor's sound generally to be bright and there is a lot of clarity. It lacks mids though. Won't recommend it for alternative thought. Still prefer Gibson's melodic sounding tone. By the way, if you don't like its looks but sounds good, sent it for a paint job.
Taylor rules...tat's all i wanna sae...6 series are maples...very Bright sounding..best for live band situation,esp when u playing rock..cut thru the band...and leave them in pieces...
Hi I would also like to find out if anyone has tried the new Expression System on the ce guitars. Is it really better than normal acoustic pickups? Thanks.
The ES is just as good as any mid-high end system. Just that it has 3 knobs instead of a big black box at the side.
Thanks Lifehouse, yeah the 3 small knobs sure make the guitar look more 'acoustic', nice. I was curious about the sound as the Taylor website describes it as something revolutionary. Think I'll just go to Sinamex and hear it out myself. :)
I HAVE a ES equppied taylor. And i must say it blew me off, especially when in a band setting, futhermore, there's not drilling into the wood to install the BIG preamps...
There are better preamps than the ES. But the ES really strikes a balance in performance/looks. If I'm a Taylor guy, it wld most likely be the ES. If not I'll just get Fishman or LR Braggs..
Yup.. B-Band also roxors.. But right now, the main selling point of a Taylor is the neck and the ES. The 30th anniversery 31X,41X,51X series seems nice though. 8O