Sunday SOFTIE Jamming!!! (2 Oct)


New member
8pm - 10pm --- big studio @ sound mix

Address 282A Jalan Besar Singapore 208945
Phone 62935771
Fax 62936559

pls confirm here! just add on your name and instrument...

chan min (guitars)
silencer (keys)
blackmoo (guitars)
frummer (drums) - maybe.

btw. Bring gear? What amps they got there? Got footswitch? Adaptor? How to get there? lol.

peavey bass amp
marshall guitar amp
smarvo amp
fully miced drumset
nice big ass sofa

to get there im not sure where to meet also.. but its very very near the jln besar swimming pool complex.
erm... no fixed songlist... just go in and whack.

we did that the last time... had fun also.. this time is no different!

maybe can set aside some covers?
or better , just make up our own songs la... Soft anthem.
i dunno but i was takling to dhaliff about including his
arppegio piece into it man...

but to be in line with soft's vision.. i think its gotta have a good mix of genres.. and local flavour...

nvm go studio and try lo... haha