Sunday clearance sale!!


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Hi all, selling all my guitars at ridiculous prices

1) Yamaha FGX730SC

This model needs no introduction. One of Yamaha's best selling guitars, the FGX730SC features a solid spruce top, laminated rosewood back and sides and an A.R.T. 1way Pickup System (System56CB) with an onboard tuner.
This particular piece is still in mint condition; I'd give it a 9/10. Inherently, there are minor scratches on the gloss-finished body of the guitar, but rest assured there are no major dings or damages. Pickup still works like a dream and the onboard tuner functions perfectly. Don't take my word for it, come down and try it with no obligation. Comes with a gator GL-dread semi-hardcase which to me is one of the best cases out there for lightweight protection. Case condition is 9/10 as well (bought it for $89.90). Freshly strung with a set of Red Strings 0.12s on 16 August 2015 (cost $12 from Davis guitars; highly recommended) and the guitar itself retails at Yamaha for $765. I maintain my guitars well, and have applied lemon oil on the fretboards and also used instrument polish to clean away any grime on the guitar body itself.

Adding up all the costs, the total retail price would be $866.90. Im letting it go at less than half the price: only $400

2) Takamine EG406S

What a magnificent price this is. A solid spruce top with a 3 piece rosewood/maple back at such an affordable price. Most 3 piece back guitars will set you back at least a couple of grand. Condition is 9/10, with a very small ding on the headstock and of course the unavoidable scratches on the gloss finished body. Unfortunately for this piece, the pickup system is no longer working. Not sure what happened, it was functioning fine just 3 months back and i have yet to even gig with this. In any case, take it as a pure acoustic parlour guitar that produces a really strong sweet tone at a jaw dropping price of only $300. Comes with a brand new CrossRock guitar bag that still has the tag on! Well padded and features multiple compartments. Note that this model can't be found anywhere in Singapore anymore, so you'll be purchasing a really rare piece :eek:

Retail price $699AUD

3) Yamaha FG502

Another discontinued model of guitar. Full Solid woods: Solid Spruce Top and Solid Nato (practically mahogany) back and sides. It's in immaculate condition; I'll rate it at 9.5/10. The Bass E string on this one roars like a beast, yet the guitar still holds well when moving on to the highs. Strings on this guitar are about a month old, so it may not sound as good as it should if you try it. But trust me, for the price of $280, you can't find a better buy anywhere else. Comes with a highly padded gator soft case, but take note there is a slight tear on the bag so i'll give it a 7.5/10 for the bag.

4) Swing S-2 Electric Guitar with an upgrade of 2x Tesla humbuckers

Basic introduction, let the link do the talking

Now for the upgrades:
New beautiful pick guard that changes the selection from a H-S-S to a H-H configuration
Tone knob changed to a 3 way pickup selector instead; leaving only a volume knob
Removed all the stock pickups, changed to 2x Tesla AH-1 pickups (total cost $210 for both pickups)

Guitar has been played quite a bit, so the condition is 7.5/10 including minor dings and scratches and a missing backplate cover which is just for cosmetic purposes. Still comes with the tremolo arm and a padded gig bag (non-original).

Total cost:
Guitar $280 + Pickups $210 + Pickguard and additional upgrades $50 = $540
Selling price: $240 only

5) TGM Warlock Electric guitar + Smarvo AMP

Helping a friend sell his starter set. Condition 8.5/10
Selling this as a set for only $200. For more information please whatsapp me privately :D

6) Maestro Victoria IR with LR Baggs full anthem

Saving the best for the last. This particular piece is without a doubt one of the best acoustic guitars I have ever laid my eyes and hands upon. Solid AAA Sitka Spruce and Solid Indian Rosewood back and sides; full abalone binding on the body and rosette and genuine bone nut and saddle. And of course, the pickup that is often referred to as the best pickup in the world - The LR Baggs Full Anthem pickup.

Immaculate condition - 9.5/10. For a OM/ GA sized guitar, this piece packs quite a punch with strong bass that i attribute to the quality indian rosewood back and sides and yet bell-liked trebles when moving up the frets. Comes with a plush hard case from Maestro (Condition 8.5/10)

Selling this at $1250 firm.

Contact me at 98189142 for more details, photos or negotiations. Dealing location will be at Woodlands MRT or under my block if you'd wish to test the electronics. I reserve the right not to proceed with the sale if I feel you're wasting my time, so please don't. Also, my prices are more than reasonable, so I reserve the right to refuse negotiations. Lowballers, stay clear.

Cheers, Newbiez