strings ???

DR black/ red coated for electric, blue for accoustic... my Fender tele sports the black version, it has been there like since November 2004 8)
$18 per set. considering it had been there for 2mths, quite worth it...emmm... can you see the black strings in my tele here?

wah so electro harmonix lasted me 3 months...but turned i changed...

anyway i will give it a try..1st time in my life i heard about colored strings. :D
the colour isn't a fancy inclusion of course, it's a thin coating primarily aimed to protect the metal beneath it. any fancy implications to it then it's secondary... prior to DR, i tried the Black Diamond brand recommended to me by one of the Stomping Ground guitarists; it's just as good (not to mention cheaper) but the coating flaked off easily especially at the picking area...

i once have a black set in my Ibanez S540 so it was ridiculously dark from a distance & people thought i was playing without strings on the fretboard- is that EVIL or what? :twisted: muaha ha ha ha
I think so also. But so far I've tried only the Black Diamonds. They smell funny to me. No experience with the DRs. But on the BD, the coating comes off too easily.
If u are hard core enough, can put on rainbow strings for classical! aha

My frd just did that on his classical.. He bought a pack of the rainbow strings from maestro and now his classical looks like Wah!

Imagine E-Red,A-Blue, D-Sliver, G-Green etc....

Definately not for the faint-hearted =)
haha sure or not? He's happily attached now anyway hahaha

The strings are available at Maestro, like I say, it takes lots of courage to put on rainbow style strings on yr classical =)