Steve gadd or jojo mayer...

i've never ever heard them coming at all.
but then. wat has steve gadd got ta share now? u can see so much in already and he's probably gonna teach the same stuff like mozambique and paradiddle grooves even if he does come to singapore. correct me if i'm wrong yea? no offence.
Dude, im sure steve gadd and jojo are among a few drummers that will improvise and is a founder of different grooves,techniques etc.

At their stage, they are always open to many possibilities to find and share with us... I'm also sure they have loads of techniques discovered but undescribed in the drummerworld website ... only they themselve will know and up to them to share...we hope for them to share.
true.. but from wat i've seen, steve gadd always plays the same stuff. i have a dvd and lots of other videos, and steve's always doing those paradiddle, triple and mozambique thing. which is like his trademark kinda thing. haven't seen other stuff really. maybe u have? could u show some videos?
JOJO MAYER MAN!!! Steve Gadd kinda bores me after awhile, man this jojo, he amazes me everytime i watch hes vids, if only i can see more.... you guys got any apart frm drummerworld?
first time i saw steve gadd i find him boring to me offend here....Personal opinion....dun like the way he play....repeating the same old beat again and again....hmmm....
Steve Gadd is famous because he revolutionized drumming. He introduced linear drum patterns. He had melodic ideas and great phrasing. He played for the songs, not for himself. TBH his soloing is rather stale these years, and whenever people go to his clinics they ask the same old questions (show me mozambique, show me late in the evening, 50 ways etc etc), which is rather passe. However without him there would be no Dave Weckl, amongst countless others that he has inspired. He was known for tremendous chops back in the day. Now he's sort of overtaken by your current favourites.

If u wanna see why he's great, seek out the records he plays on. He is the most successful sessionist by far.
Gadd has always been one of my personal heroes.

that's the thing with pple these days. they go for the hype, the speed, the wow and the fanciful.

they don't realise that innovation, ideas and wisdom around the kit is worth so much more.
ma 2 cenz

Gadd has to be one of the fathers of modern "groove" drumming and thanks to him I got into a lot of bands I would never have listened to or bought (Steely Dan to name one). This guy is already a hall of famer and one of my personal heroes.

Jojo is just a magician (literally) > on the kit he has insane chops and his Moeller technique is so stoopid it makes me wanna take up the saxophone.

In regards to the question of clinics I actually met Jojo at a gig in Hong Kong - he is one intense cat. It's like meeting Gandalf or a Ninja or some sh$%. He told me then that he would clinic anywhere, anytime. Maybe we can ask around to whatever companies bring in clinicians and put him on the short list...