Steinberger GT4R (Trans-Red) Vintage US Model 10/10 Condition


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Thought long and hard before posting this as it has always been the guitar that i love!
need to clear my gear and settle some debts.

Note that this isn't the Spirit line but the full Carbon neck and mahogany body with
passive Seymore duncan pickups!!

Looking for no less then $2,500 SGD for this rare beauty!

Other items to sell
- Mahogany Epi Black Beauty 3 EMG configuration $1,800
- Korina Epi Flying V $1000
- Tom Delonge Squire Strat Single PU $800
- TS808HW pedal $500 (BNIB)
- DOD Ice Box 1st Edition (Discontinued) $120

and other pedals too!

SMS me at 82233991 Thanks!