Ok so hey, I'm looking for a grindcore/technical/deathcore band who's in need of a vocalist. I'm not too bad a pig squealer but I'm still practicing my growls and exhales.

I'm only 17 this year but I wouldn't mind hanging with people who are around 20 or maybe older cause I've been hanging with people who are years older than me since I was 14.

And well, these are the few inspirations of bands that I like, Amputated repugnance, Our mexican butcher, I ate everybody, Maggot stuffed cunt and Necrotorture (these are bands of which I can't find the lyrics for),

The rest would be, Suicide silence, Beneath the massacre, We butter the bread with butter, The juliet massacre, Job for a cowboy, Annotations of an autopsy, Thy art is murder, Belay my last, The faceless and Waking the cadaver.

You may add my facebook, I've done a few rough covers,

andre scrminbacon

and if you need me to do an audition to join the band I would only be free every evening around 5+pm for weekdays cause I'm schooling, as for weekends I'm free anytime.
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