Squareplug Patch Cables SALE! %%


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Cheapest price on Squareplugs you'll ever see.

5 bundle $80 (U.P $100, save $20)
1 x 10cm
2 x 15cm
1 x 20cm
1 x 30cm

10 bundle $150 (U.P $200, save $50🚨)
5 x 10cm
1 x 15cm
2 x 20cm
1 x 30cm
1 x 40cm

🚛 Free delivery!

Don't let lousy cables ruin your tone!

It is easy to overlook something small like patch cables in your search for tonal euphoria. Using low quality cables which have high capacitance will produce a dull, lifeless signal. Hear the difference for yourself when you make the move to better quality cables.

What's the point of having expensive guitars, amps and pedals only to have your tone depleted by your cables right?

These cables are the best quality heads from Squareplug. Making your pedal rig not only look sleek and cool, but more importantly perform and sound at its best!

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