Source Audio pedals, Hub for MIDI control + Tech21 MIDI Mouse

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Source Audio Soundblox2 OFD: $150
Source Audio Soundblox2Multiwave bass distortion: $220
Source Audio Aftershock: $200
Source Audio Soundblox Hub: $120
Tech21 MIDI Mouse: $100

SMS me at 9!9 97 757

The Hub lets you simultaneously change settings on all the soundblox pedals from a single MIDI input. Saves up to 128 presets.
Check out this video I made 3 years ago (pardon the poor playing and settings):

If you get multiple, can nego.


Soundblox2 pedals:
- Noise gate with 3 levels of cutoff
- 3-band EQ
- Voice Control on the OFD; wet/dry blend on the Multiwave
- Can save 2 presets for fast recall (and no worries about accidentally shifting knobs)

For the multiwave sound sample, check out this live recording (at 1:08 just after the first chorus):
Studio version (can hear clearer): (at 1:07)

Source Audio Aftershock:
Although it says "bass distortion", you can actually load pretty much all the overdrive, distortion and fuzz modes into the pedal from your phone. Source Audio provided a ridiculously complete set of parameter edits for this. I just never got down to fully learning how to use it. There's probably around 20+ different types of drive (mostly very good emulations of popular pedals and some original drives) and Source Audio keeps developing new drives for this pedal.Some of the examples of things you can do:

- blend wet/dry
- run TWO distortions simultaneously and decide if you want to blend them, cascade them or send them out in stereo
- Use the two inputs and two outputs as an effects loop with blend
- Both parametric and multi-band EQ, as well as shelving filters for low cut etc
- Save 3 different presets on the pedal
- Upload/download patches to the server for sharing
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