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Yo to all songwriters,

I say we are without any proper organisations to organise songwriting workshops.

I say we should do it ourselves then.

I say we should gather together and meet together and review and feedback for each other.

Don´t you hate it when you complete the songs after all that hardwork only to get feedback later that some small component isn´t working rite, and to find out later it´s true. Worse it be when you paid all manufacturing cost and cut the album jus to find that out.

Don´t you hate it when you´ll pitching your songs, only to realise later that you´ll pitchin´ the average ones, when the good ones are sittin´ in your shelf.

Don´t you hate it when you´ll tryin´ to get feedback from frens and family, but they´ll so despondent to your appeals.

Don´t you feel trapped that you´ll working alone all the time having your own "trademark" sound, but laggin´ that extra touch of additional "trademark" that could make your work more favourable.

Then make a difference to your life by gathering here and meet up with each other.

No membership cost and no obligations.
yo there,can i know where is the workshop held?
Nice to see interested songwriters. Yep, there isn´t one at the moment, i´m just a songwriter/producer who thought of this idea. It´s simply a gathering among songwriters to compare "notes" and probably collaborate, not some big company arranged program. If you guys are interested, we can arrange a day to meet up.
hey parablue74, you seem to have lotsa unhappiness experiences getting your music right. Yes getting to know more music enthu will somehow get you more ideas but you must be very sure that it is your ´trademark´ that will be your rice bowl. Im sure you are an indies, the spirit of an indies is not to make commericalise music, not to make music that sell...but to have your own music...the very music that created by parablue74...making music is not making money, people can´t accept your music, you have to change to let them accept it. Listening to all kind of genre of music and all language of music helps 100 times more than letting others correcting your work. I´m willing to share with you and there are no offences if you get any wrong ideas. Your msg give me a sense that you are in anger and frustration. Most songwriters will reach this bottleneck, you are not the only one. Accept everything and look back at your past music and you will see a change in it very soon.
why don´t you just create a forum for songwriting, then people can go discuss it there, you can even post up songs for critique. where though? *coughsoftcough*
Hi Dreamteam,

I know you were in the other topic and noticed the argument then. That happened quite a long time ago actually. Indie musicians and artist are all trying to push a nostalgic market here that doesn´t much quelm on creativity in terms of originality. Much to do with the onslaught of dominating popular music which tend to cower everything into a fix end and boundary. To some, this is a destruction of art and really brings down the expertise of more "intelligent" and skilled music that i feel ought to be recognised and appreciated, not just for the wealth of heightened musical understanding and also that of deeper musical emotional awareness. Where music doesn´t just become an entertainment buzz but that which leads the listener into an emotional experience within.

However, in my "travels", i have noticed much bias opinions that many have, each ascertained by their own musical orientation that causes themselves to acclaim an "artist altitude" as a comforting excuse for complacency, for the lack of acceptance of opinions and wider horizons. As natural as that may be, as disunited the indie market is. Originality is a gift as well as a price to pay.

good idea, i have seen those around, but none from local. I think have to get an ISP 1st, then have to constantly moderate. Quite a bit of work! Still prefer the old-time "rock and roll" play guitar and sing-along or show CD session. If only got a place that can just gather and perform as and when.
hey parablue, ya i agree with you. Your travel may not be a smooth one. You had came across people who thinks their own music is "real" cos their music is much more acceptable. Indies market is uncertain, as uncertain as the music market. Getting pointers to make your music acceptable is no better than creating a music of your own style. They cant accept it cos´ your style maybe different from the market. To others this maybe a bad news but to me it is a good news! at least after listening, i wont conclude that this piece of music is like that and that. Keep on! you cant make everyone in this world happy.
Thanks for the motivation, DreamTeam. Everyone is responsible in some way to contributing to the music society here, whatever little or much they can give. Diversity is sometimes good at times rather than everyone charging at the same cake. The higher consciousness someone has in knowing music, the more open they become towards diversity. Cheers!